13 dic. 2017


BOOKLET pages 20-21

1 - Complete the sentences with the right form of Majority Comparative.    
1.Your cat is fatter (fat) than mine.
2.I think Peter is more comprehensive (comprehensive) than us.
3.Mary is nicer (nice) than Ann.
4.Rome is older (old) than New York.
5.Who is funnier (funny) than you?
6.Tom is stronger (strong) than me and he runs faster (fast) than me
7. Your dignity is more important (important) than money.
8. Let’s go by train! It’s cheaper (cheap) than travelling by plane.
9. Just do it more carefully (carefully) and it’s easier (easy) than you think.
10.He worked hard and now he’s more tired (tired) than you.

2 - Complete the sentences with the right form of Minority Comparative.
1. She is always alone, she’s got less friends than you.
2. Peter is less clever (clever) than you.
3. I usually put less flour in the biscuits than you.
4.Today we are less busy (busy) than you, so and tonight we are going out.
5.My brother smokes less cigarettes than my sister.
6.He often gets angry, he is less calm (calm) than you.

3 – Make sentences using the right form of Equality Comparative.
1.We haven’t got/money/but/we work/hard/you.
We haven’t got money, but we work as hard as you.
2.Tom isn’t/lazy/his brother.
Tom isn’t as lazy as his brother.
3.Your house is/big/mine.
Your house is as big as mine.
4.My shoes are/smart/yours.
My shoes are as smart as yours.
5.Peter has/many/stickers/I have.
Peter has as many stickers as I have.

4 - Complete the sentences with MORE/ LESS/AS/ or a comparative adjective.
1.-Paula is more/less intelligent than her brother Paul.
2.-Katherine isn’t as fast as Barbara.
3.-The book is more/less interesting than the film.
4.-In my country, Winter is colder (cold) than Autumn.
5.-The English grammar is easier/ less easy (easy) than Chinese grammar.
6.-Lorenzo’s garden is nicer/less nice (nice) than mine.
7.-That boy is worse (bad) than his classmates.
8.-Basketball is more difficult / less difficult (difficult) than football.
9.- The girl has more / less money than he has.

BOOKLET page 22

4. Fill in the correct form of the word:
1. July is the hottest (hot) month of the year.
2. My bike is the cheapest (cheap).
3. This is the highest (high) tree in this park.
4. Peter is the best (good) runner at school.
5. Mona is the most clever / cleverest (clever) student in our class.
6. This task is the most difficult (difficult) in the test.
7. The traffic on this road is the most dangerous (dangerous).
8. It is the heaviest (heavy) box here.
9. My granny is the eldest (old) in our family.
10. This car is the most expensive (expensive) here.
11. Liz is the fattest (fat) girl in our street.
12. This is the best (good) translation.

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